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Mounjaro Questions

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How do Mounjaro, Wegovy & Ozempic compare for weight loss?

Mounjaro vs Ozempic: How do they compare?

Is Mounjaro covered by insurance or Medicare?

Does Mounjaro have a $25 coupon available?

Does Mounjaro work for weight loss?

How long does it take for Mounjaro to start working?

Does Mounjaro cause fatigue?

Does the Mounjaro injection hurt?

Does Mounjaro cause hair loss like Ozempic?

After taking Ozempic, I noticed major hair loss. I switched to Mounjaro recently and hoping the hair loss stops. Anyone else in this situation.

Weight Loss Medications

Adverse side effects of Mounjaro?

Hello, I was prescribed Victoza for weight loss and had some of pretty intense side effects including Nausea, diarrhea, belching and fatigue. I dropped that immediately and now my Dr has me starting monjauro. Are my side effects going to be the same? If so, I don’t think I want to start it,... read more

Mounjaro - Has anyone noticed vision issues while being on Moungaro?

I'm 55 and fighting reading glasses but have noticed a decline in my vision both near and far. Anyone else have similar vision issues?

I just started Mounjaro & notice two things happening: I’m peeing more & heavily, so does it...

... contain a diuretic? Second I’m craving sweets!!

Will Mounjaro causes issues with my gallbladder?

I am not diabetic, although have to watch what I eat due to gallbladder issues. Will mounjaro add issues to my gallbladder? Will it create issues with my pancreas?

Has anyone been prescribed a maintenance dose of Mounjaro, once desired BMI is achieved, or for any?

Has anyone been prescribed a maintenance dose of Mounjaro, once desired BMI is achieved, or for any other reason and what has this experience been like? I'm curious to know if once we are able to lose the weight... are we able to keep it off? I've read clinical studies stating that... read more

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