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Is there a real difference between Wixela Inhub and Advair Diskus?

If Wixela Inhub is a generic for Advair Diskus, why are your ratings so different (1.8/10 average rating for Wixela Inhub vs 7.6/10 for Advair Diskus) Is there a quality difference in ingredients or inhaler mechanism, or is it just that people think more costly means more effective?

Interactions checker and food interactions?

How do I use the Interactions Checker to find grapefruit and other food interactions? I cannot enter grapefruit into the checker.

Is Leqembi used to treat Alzheimer's?

Questions about medications?

I was wondering if taking Zoloft at night for anxiety disorder, is it possible that buspirone could be taking during the day to help my nervousness and tension, especially riding as a passenger on a trip?

Is Rivaroxaban safe to use with Doxycycline please?

This is on behalf of my husband who has had covid and now has a chest infection. He has COPD and has been prescribed with Doxycycline. He takes Rivaroxaban for AF.

Tramadol importation how do I become a key distributor as a community member if harmful on a low?

Why is there a stop in the import of tramadol in Nigeria.

Started Prednisone Pack 2 days early. Can I stop and restart in 2 days?

I just took the first 2 pills of a 6 day pack. I wasn't supposed to start it for 2 more days. Can I stop now, and then restart in 2 days - just missing those first 2 that I took this morning?

Odd side effects of Vraylar after a month and on a big cocktail of medicine?

I could certainly use some support. Right now I'm playing phone tag with my psychiatric nurse. People that are in the Health Care Field here are very overworked. I'm sure it's like that all over. I'm having insomnia. I tend to make up for it the following night. Sometimes...

Switching from name brand Klonopin to Teva?

My local pharmacy now has Teva brand clonazepam. I have been paying for name brand for years. I’m wondering how I should try to switch. Just switch or just replace a name brand with a Teva? That could take awhile.

Are there any drug interactions I should be worried about?

I am looking to find out if there are any serious drug interaction I should be worried about with the following list of medications: Zoloft 75mg Cymbalta 20 mg (I can up every 2 weeks up to 120 mg) Lamotrigine 75mg ER Losartan/hydrachlorathiazide 50-12

What's the mechanism of action for Leqembi (lecanemab-irmb)?

I take Levemir at 10 am 7 unit 10pm 28 unit. I take also Humalog 11 unit each time at 8am, 1pm...

... and 6 pm. Can I use both Humalog and Levemir in the abdomen and not in two different locations such as the arm, thigh, or buttock? Am I doing it wrong? Is there any absorption problem for that because of injecting two types of insulin at the same location?

Can I take Tylenol 4 hours after 81 mg aspirin?